One year has passed since I became a Frontrunner for ASICS and it has been a fun year overall even though my personal running has been going up and down several times.

I suppose it’s more accurate to say that it was one year ago I applied to become a Frontrunner. It was only later in February 2017 I knew for sure that I would be part of the Swedish Frontrunner team that led to new friends, unforgettable moments and plenty of joy.

Being an ambassador for ASICS has been really fun and it was an easy transition for me since I was already using their shoes before. I had been using Nimbus for several years so I already knew that at least one model was a really good fit for me.

Turned out pretty much all their gear I have tried worked really good for me. If I had to summarize it I would say that they had some clothing and shoes that were spot on perfect for me. Most gear were really good and only a few items had minor issues that for me would be worth sending back as feedback.

But looking back on the year and ignoring the brand for a moment, it has been a really fun year with plenty of activities. These activities, meet-ups and often full weekends is for me personally the most valuable parts.

ASICS Frontrunner Sweden - Yasuragi group photo

Group photo of the Swedish ASICS Frontrunner team at Yasuragi

The first time meeting the team was in early April during the kick-off at Yasuragi, a Japanese spa hotel in Stockholm. A full weekend of fun and I remember that it felt like we had been there for a full week when we walked out of there to go back home.

The kick-off was a great success and also an important stepping stone for a good year by creating a good team spirit from the start. Everything was well organized and this was thanks to Thomas, the Swedish community manager and the other ASICS employees.

During the year there were plenty of opportunities to meet the team “in full”. Many of these opportunities surround races that are sponsored by ASICS like Premiärmilen, Stockholm Marathon and Ultravasan. But also international Frontrunner events and other team meetings.

I already know that I will continue as a Frontrunner for 2018. Sweden will expand their team by 5 but are searching for a total of 7 new members. If you are a Swedish runner and wants to be part of this team you can apply to become a Frontrunner between 15/1 and 11/2.

Another fun aspect is that both Norway and Denmark will also get Frontrunners (10 in each country) and together with Sweden creating a Scandinavian team with a total of 50 Frontrunners (if my math is correct).

I can’t say that I’m not looking forward to what 2018 has to offer. As long as I don’t get too excited and run off to get a new injury I think it will be a pretty great year both in and outside the running shoes 🙂

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I found my love for running in early 2016. Since then I have used social media to get inspired and eventually inspire others. I have continued to use running as a great way to stay in good mental and physical shape. I have also found out that I'm apparently mortal and can get injuries.


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